iPhone 15 Series Production May Be at Risk Due to Component Shortages

Apple might make fewer iPhone 15 series phones because it’s hard to get some of the parts. They need cameras from Sony, screens with thinner edges, and a new strong frame made of titanium. Apple wants to show the new phones next month, but there are problems. People are talking about these problems and saying the phones might not be ready.

Jeff Pu, a¬†famous analyst from Hong Kong, thinks Apple is already making fewer phones. He has two reasons. First, there aren’t enough camera parts from Sony, and the new titanium frame is causing delays. Making screens with thin edges is also tricky.

Second, Pu thinks not as many people will buy the new iPhones because they might cost too much. Some reports say the fancier iPhone 15 models could be more expensive.

Pu says, ‘Apple making fewer phones before they even come out isn’t good news. And if the fancier iPhone 15 Pro Max costs more, even fewer people might buy it.’

Pu told investors that Apple wants to make around 77 million iPhone 15 phones this year. That’s less than the 83 million they thought before. There are two reasons for this. From April to June this year, Apple made a bit less money from iPhone sales. It went from $40.67 billion to $39.67 billion.

Apple’s boss, Tim Cook, said they sold fewer iPhones in the US, but they did well in other places. Analysts are anticipating that Apple might have a special event on September 12 or 13 to show the iPhone 15.

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