After Overheating and Shutdowns, iPhone 15 Users Face New Problems

Recently, the technology giant Apple unveiled its highly-anticipated iPhone 15 lineup during its annual event held in Cupertino. However, the joy and excitement surrounding the release quickly gave way to user complaints. Within a few days of the launch, reports started surfacing about problems related to overheating and unexpected shutdowns of the new devices, which had early adopters concerned.

iPhone 15: Screen Burn Concerns

One issue, in particular, has caught the attention of tech enthusiasts and consumers alike, and that’s the problem of screen burn. Screen burn is a term used to describe permanent discoloration that can occur across any part of the screen panel, significantly affecting the visual experience.

The concerns related to screen burn began to gain momentum as discussions circulated on platforms like Reddit and Apple’s official forum. One Reddit user, who had purchased the iPhone 15 Pro Max on release day, shared their experience, stating, “I had heard that some people were experiencing burn-in issues on theirs, but I wasn’t really noticing anything on mine until a couple of nights ago when I started to see a small amount of what looked like ghosting. Upon further inspection, it is definitely burn-in.” The user highlighted that the issue became apparent, particularly when displaying a dark gray image at low brightness, and mentioned plans to visit an Apple Store to seek resolution.

iPhone 15 User Complaints

This user’s post garnered attention from others facing similar problems, including a user named Joshmcx, who confirmed the issue and indicated that Apple was willing to replace affected devices. These reports underline that screen burn is a real concern for some users of the iPhone 15 Pro Max, which, as per their accounts, previous iPhone generations did not experience to the same extent.

The discussion about this issue also spilled over onto Apple’s official discussion thread, where a user named TheLittles referenced a comment from another user expressing dissatisfaction with the iPhone 15 Pro Max, stating, “iPhone 15 Pro Max screen burn: Wow! It’s been two weeks. This is the worst phone ever released by Apple.”

One notable aspect of this situation is that, as of now, Apple has not issued any official statement addressing the screen burn problem, leaving many users and observers awaiting a response or potential solution from the technology giant. The concerns raised by early adopters highlight the importance of addressing these issues promptly to maintain consumer trust and ensure the smooth rollout of future iPhone models.

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