Nothing Phone 3: Latest News, Leaks, Price, and Release Date

In 2020, Carl Pei introduced his new venture, Nothing, to the world. Over just three years, the company has rapidly grown into one of the most dynamic smartphone and wearables brands, celebrated for its inventive marketing strategies and distinctive transparent industrial designs. Following the successful debut of the Nothing Phone 2 in mid-2023, the company has sparked anticipation for its upcoming release, the Nothing Phone 3.

Rumored to hit the market in 2024, the Nothing Phone 3 represents the next evolution in Nothing’s Phone series. While specific details are still tightly guarded, we’ll delve into what is known so far, drawing from leaks, rumors, and speculations.

Nothing Phone 3: Release Date and Anticipated Price

The launch date for the Nothing Phone 3 is uncertain, but looking at its predecessors’ releases, a July launch seems likely, as per Android Police. Nothing’s choice of July launches, unconventional in the smartphone market, takes advantage of lower competition during this period, building anticipation.

Regarding the Nothing Phone 3’s price, it’s unclear given the varied costs of its predecessors. The Phone 1 started at £400 or €470 (around $500) in Europe, and the Phone 2, at $600 in the US. In India, Phone 1 began at Rs 32,999, and Phone 2 at Rs. 44,999. Depending on new features, the Phone 3 might fall in a similar price range or see a $100 increase. Yet, sticking to the $600 benchmark from the Phone 2 is also a possibility for continuity.

Nothing Phone 3: Design, Specs, and Anticipated Upgrades

Nothing maintains its tradition of veiling flagship devices in secrecy, fueling anticipation for the design and specifications of the Nothing Phone 3. The iconic transparent back, a hallmark of Nothing’s devices, is poised to make a return, ensuring a distinctive visual identity. Reports from Android Police hint at the inclusion of Glyph lights, controllable LED strips offering notifications and dynamic lighting, enhancing the brand’s unique aesthetic.

In terms of technical specifications, the Nothing Phone 3 is expected to follow the pattern of previous models by adopting a processor from the preceding year rather than opting for the latest technology. This strategic approach, as seen with the use of the Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1 in the Nothing Phone 2, enables competitive pricing without compromising performance significantly. Rumors also swirl around a potential “Phone 2a,” aligning with the industry trend set by Google’s Pixel a series, offering a mid-range alternative.

Nothing’s commitment to visually appealing hardware and a clean software experience is likely to continue with the Nothing Phone 3. Building upon the customization options introduced in the Phone 2, the new model is expected to adhere to Nothing’s bloatware-free philosophy. Emphasizing Android updates, there’s optimism that Nothing might extend its support beyond the current three years of updates and four years of bi-monthly security patches.

The camera system, an area identified for improvement, is anticipated to receive significant attention in the Nothing Phone 3. Despite advancements in the Phone 2, challenges in low-light conditions have persisted, fostering expectations for enhanced image processing capabilities in the upcoming model.


As we approach the release of the Nothing Phone 3, it brings a mix of familiar elements and potential enhancements. From the distinctive transparent design to the speculated inclusion of Glyph lights and a potential mid-range variant, Nothing appears to maintain its signature approach. The choice of processors, commitment to a clean software experience, and an emphasis on camera system improvements add to the discussion.

As we await the release date, curiosity lingers about what the Nothing Phone 3 will truly bring to the table in the competitive smartphone landscape.

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