Upcoming WhatsApp Feature Will Let Users Control Pinned Message Duration

WhatsApp, the messaging app owned by Meta, is adding a new feature for Android beta users. This feature lets users decide how long pinned messages stay in chats and groups. You can choose a time like 24 hours, 7 days, or 30 days, and the message will be unpinned automatically when that time is up.

Pinned messages are important messages that stay at the top of a chat. This new feature helps people keep important info visible and organized. It’s reported that this feature will be available for Android beta testers in future app updates.

At the same time, the app creators are working on stopping spam by letting users block unknown callers. This feature was added in a recent update. The app has also received other improvements, including a better way to pick media files.

Earlier this year, WhatsApp updated its version for iPhone users. Now, iPhone users can make their own WhatsApp avatars and use them as profile pictures, stickers, and more. You can find this in WhatsApp Settings > Avatar on iOS.

For iPhone users, there’s another useful update. They can now record WhatsApp videos hands-free by swiping left on the camera. Sharing photos, videos, and documents from other apps on WhatsApp is also easier now, as iPhone users can simply drag and drop images from other places. It’s also important to note that iPhone users can also undo the “delete for me” action now.

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