X (Formerly Twitter) Simplifies Ad-Revenue Sharing Criteria

X, formerly known as Twitter, has made it easier for creators to earn money through ads. If creators have received 5 million views in the past three months, they can now share in ad revenue. This is a reduction from the previous requirement of 15 million views.

Creators will be allowed to withdraw as little as $10 instead of the previous $50. To be eligible for payouts, users need to have at least 500 followers and be verified.

After the announcement, Elon Musk, who owns the social network, added a rule. He stated that only views from verified accounts will count for ad-revenue sharing. This is to prevent scammers from using bots to artificially inflate views.

Currently, X does not provide a way for users to see the number of “verified views” their posts have received. It’s unclear how creators will know the views or impressions from verified users.

The company began paying some eligible creators in July. It later expanded the program to verified creators around the world. Musk mentioned that the initial round of creator payments will total nearly $5 million.

X recently faced a delay in its scheduled payout for July 31 due to a surge in new sign-ups.

Earlier, X introduced new sensitivity settings for advertisers. These settings let advertisers choose different levels like “Relaxed,” “Standard,” and “Conservative.” These levels determine the type of content that can appear alongside their ads. This expansion comes from X’s partnership with Integral Ad Science (IAS), which started in January to help advertisers know if their ads are placed near inappropriate content.

During a conversation on Spaces, X CEO Linda Yaccarino mentioned that the company is getting closer to breaking even. Yaccarino also revealed that X is working on a feature that will allow users to make video calls to each other. This comes as part of her first interview after taking over as the company’s CEO.

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